The General Secretary

Welcome to the GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions, where excellence in education and student centric learning is the first priority. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in the increasingly high-tech word of the 21st century, Engineering and Management are the right choices and our Colleges are the right places to be in.GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions co-operate with business, to establish partnership with business houses, industry and professional organizations, in order to utilize their input and guidance for engineering and management programs by an active involvement of our Training and Placement Division.

The choice of institution where you are going to spend the most precious formative years of your life, which will ultimately shape your future, is crucial. In this technology driven era, which has witnessed revolutions at routine intervals, the choice shall be forward looking, so that it can meet your aspirations.

Our Colleges are marching ahead to lead the way, in partnership with others, in capitalizing on these advantages, achieving a forefront position in areas of high impact that will benefit the students, the region and the nation. Our endeavour is to fulfil your aspiration to enable you to scale new heights of your expectations. The Mission for GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions is to achieve a position as an innovative, learning-centre. As recognized leaders, we will continue to approach future developments with optimism and adapt our services to fit the ever-changing environment in technical and professional education, and to remain an invaluable part of the community in which we serve.

Wish you the best learning time,

Dr. C.L Sachdeva