National Conference on Advances and Innovations in Engineering-2017

About GGS-Sachdeva Group

GGS- Sachdeva Group of educational institutions since its inception in year 2002, has been known to bring innovation in the field of education. In the education environment of India, the group has gone out its way to bring the best practices in the field of education. Within the ambit of the university syllabus the  GGS- Sachdeva Group of educational institutions have been known to bring up-to-the-minute thinking and innovation in the programs offered on its campuses. It was this thinking that led to the genesis of programs like ‘MBA++’ and ‘B.Tech Excel’. Education in India has been about few islands of excellence, apart from new institutes of national repute like IIMs and IITs, most of the institutes offer courses which are bit generic and don not imbibe skills required by engineers, managers and leaders in the current highly unpredictable economic and fast evolving technical environment. As per study, between 2010 and 2012 more data has been generated in the world than in the entire human history till 2010. Current courses offered by the most of the universities and engineering colleges in India are not sufficient to prepare an Engineer or a management Graduate t handle new variables put into play by technology, economy and politics of the world.

The GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions was founded on one simple philosophy to create the best teaching and learning environment. Teaching philosophy is based on one key differential in pedagogy, therefore, we believe is not telling or teaching but showing the student what to expect and how to handle technology and business environment. Students of the GGS-Sachdeva Group are mentored during their entire stay by their seniors, teachers and industry leaders. We focus on providing global exposure to all the students. Our campus is visited by eminent faculty of academia from India and abroad and our strong national and international linkages make it easy for our students to get global exposure.

At GGS- Sachdeva Group we believe in the transformative power of technology, organizations and markets. We are trying to build an intellectually vibrant global community. Through our courageous and collaborative spirit, we equip leaders to bring about the changes that tomorrow needs. Our distinctive approach to professional education carefully balances the study of technology with the study of the processes that drive consumer, business and financial markets forward.

Here, you will learn the science of technology and the art of leadership. We invite you to learn with us!

Campus location and its Advantages

The GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions is situated in a safe and secure environment near Chandigarh, the City Beautiful. The Campus has a perfect ambience, is pollution free , has lush green surroundings , and the buildings with unique architectural designs is beautifully landscaped and the building are with unique architectural designs. The GGS College of Modern Technology and the GGS Polytechnic are on the Chandigarh – Ludhiana Highway. The drive is only 15 minutes from the Chandigarh . The Sachdeva Engineering College for Girls and Sachdeva College of Pharmacy are situated on the same Highway, in Gharuan, a 20 minutes drive from Chandigarh that makes both the campuses easily accessible by public transport. The Campuses are surrounded by the industrial belts of Chandigarh, Mohali,Morinda, Ludhiana, Ropar and Patiala. All these are rapidly growing and expanding industrial towns in the region. The city has also been ear marked for establishment of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Information Technology (IT) Parks and thus becomes an ideal location, enabling the students to stay abreast with the changes and developments in the industry, and offering tremendous job opportunities as well.