Computer and Science Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering and
Information Technology

The Department of Computer Engineering has been established by merging the erstwhile Departments of Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology. With the explosion of information and an ever-increasing demand for computational sophistication in a networked world, the Department aims to imbibe cutting-edge skills through research and development, industrial consultancy and teaching in frontier areas of Computer and Information Technology. The graduates have skills for the creation and maintenance of computing systems in today’s organizations. They also have capability to create effective IT systems as solutions to business problems. Besides imparting high-quality, innovative and continuously updated UG and PG courses, it is also engaged in creating a community for promotion, deployment and usage of Information Technology based applications for the betterment of society.

Study includes software engineering, object-oriented system testing, database and security, Computer Networks, Data Structure, RDBMS, DBMS, Data Networking and Computer architecture.

Computer Labs

The college possesses centrally air-conditioned Computer Labs, equipped with more than 700 computers with the latest configuration of hardware and software. All these computing machines are networked through the college backbone network and have the access over the internet through 12 Mbps lease line. The Computer Labs are very spacious and fully furnished with the latest computer peripherals to cater the needs of the following subjects: