The Chairperson

GGS Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions is the product of a vision and a dream of excellence in education. Our Colleges have the best of the infrastructure and are the most integrated multidisciplinary institutions providing a wide and varied arena for the staff and student communities to showcase their academic and extracurricular talents.

Students are encouraged to build character at GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions through ethical academics, sports, physical and spiritual development activities and also given ample opportunities to develop their talent in cultural fields. We believe in the complete development of our students and encourage them by providing the best of academic resources, facilities and infrastructure. Students are expected to broaden their horizons beyond the prescribed syllabus in the pursuit of knowledge. Our staff and faculty are adequately equipped to guide students in the right direction in all fields of study, as well as, in co-curricular activities. Parents also play an important role by helping us help them and we expect their full cooperation in bringing about a change for better. The best possible atmosphere for academic growth is provided for the benefit of both the students and the parents who have placed their trust in us.

I am glad to note that you have taken the first step towards making the right decision in selecting GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions as an intense, challenging and rewarding learning-oriented centre of excellence for your professional and personal growth. In the 21st century, it is increasingly important for all of us to become aware of the competitiveness that has emerged as a result of liberalization, privatization and globalization which demands well-educated and fully trained professionals, who can only be developed through quality education. GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions knows this secret and that is why we believe in quality education.

I am proud to say that once our students step in, they step out equipped with self-confidence and knowledge to face all endeavors. We prepare them for that!

S.Brij Pal Singh Sachdeva