Beyond Academics

GGS has a very vibrant extra-curricular culture with various boards and committees organizing an entire spectrum of events catering to varied interests and hobbies and also serving as avenues to achieve recognition. Extra-curricular students’ activities are organized into various Boards- namely that of Creative Activities, Student Publications, Students’ Welfare etc. Then, within each, clubs and committees are demarcated to represent every interest. For example, in Creative Activities, we have various clubs as Music Club, English Debating & Literary Club, Quizzing Club etc which hold events frequently throughout the year. Thus, apart from providing an essential break from academic rigor, it is the domain of extra-curricular activities that is frequently credited for the creation of leaders and an imparting of a holistic education.

Extra-curricular students’ activities range from sports and student publications to the entire gamut of the performing arts – music, dramatics, photography, fine arts, debating and much more. Students compete by representing their resident halls, vying for annual trophies and the ensuing glory and respect of their peers. Not surprisingly the best go on to compete beyond the boundaries of GGS, in competitions held across India and at times beyond India, bringing back with them not just recognition for GGS but also invaluable personal experience.
Sports also forms an integral feature of GGS life- the Sports Activities conducts various inter-hostel events, generating great enthusiasm and healthy competition among students. The impressive sports infrastructure, that includes world-class swimming pool, sprawling cricket, football and hockey fields, squash, badminton and tennis courts along with billiards and pool tables, further promotes the sporting culture. Also, all year long selection and practice distills out the skilled and talented to be sent to represent GGS in the inter GGS’s- the annual sports meet in which all the GGS’s participate and where winning is a matter of great pride and honour.
Going beyond just participation, GGS students organize four major student festivals through the year, giving a platform for students from all over India to showcase their talents and abilities in spheres both technical and extra curricular. The distinctiveness of these being that they are entirely organized through student efforts, starting from designing of all artwork and promotional material to event conceptualization and actual conduction of the festival, a range of activities requiring months of preparation.

Parhelion: The Technical & Cultural Festival, celebrates innovation and technical skill, providing an interface between students, academia and industry. From lectures by some of the most eminent personalities in fields of science, technology and management and workshops ranging from nascent areas of technology to hypnotism, coupled with student competitions which test participants’ ingenuity, innovation and analytical abilities, Tryst offers it all, making it one of the largest events of its kind in India. The biggest fest in North India, marks the convergence of the art, talent and enthusiasm of the Gen-Next. It is the biggest youth platform in India-every year sees a huge youth turnover, with Rendezvous claiming participation of colleges’ nation wide. The festival boasts of events in dance, debating, quizzing, dramatics, fine arts etc along with recreational packages of a Rock nite, Pronite, Dance podium, Fashion shows (Lifestyle) and many more. Huge publicity is done for each and every event including posters, web site and during-event publicity and the event finds active support and sponsorship from the Corporate world as well.

Annual Athletic Meet is organized in November every year by the Sports club, in which teams of various colleges vie for glory in all sorts of games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey etc. The competition is intense, the participation enthusiastic and naturally, huge crowds turn up to cheer and appreciate the talent on display.