Anti Ragging Cell

anti ragging

Ragging is a criminal offence as per the ruling of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the college ensures strict compliance to it. Any kind of ragging including causing harm,compelling or forcing a student whether by way of a practical joke or be part of any act that detracts from human dignity or violates his/her person or exposes him/her to ridicule,by intimidating,wrongly restraining,wrongfully confining or injuring or using criminal force or threaten,injure mentally or physically amounts to ragging.

Ragging of any kind is banned in the College including in its departments,constitutional units,all premises( academic,residential,sports,cafeteria, etc.)whether located within the college campus or outside and in all means of transportation of students whether public or private. The college shall take strict action as per the UGC regulations and the  Supreme Court ruling.

The college has an anti-Ragging Committee which keeps vigil at all times and for overseeing the implementation of the provisions of the Supreme Court  recommendations

As Per guideline issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, if any incident of ragging comes to the notice of authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to give explanation and if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority reserves the right to expel him from the institutions.

Those who are found guilty of participation in, or abatement of ragging will be:
• Suspended or expelled from the college.
• Rusticated from the college for 2 years.
• Fined up to Rs 25000/-
• Face rigorous imprisonment up to three years.

To check the menace of ragging, the following steps have been taken:

• Special anti-ragging squad comprising of senior faculty members and responsible seniors has been set up.
• Extensive awareness campaigns are held to warn the students to abstain from ragging.
• All vulnerable locations such as Hostels, Corridors. Classrooms, Canteen etc. are specially watched and security is provided.
• It is mandatory for the students and their Guardian to give an undertaking on affidavit ensuring non-indulgence of the student in any kind of ragging.