Pharmaceutical Chemistry department of Sachdeva college of Pharmacy has four laboratories including central instrumentation room.

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry – I or Synthesis Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry – II or Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry – III or Analytical Laboratory
  • Central Instrumentation Room

Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratories are fully equipped and used to synthesize chemical compounds & their derivatives, assay of various drugs using UV-Visible spectrophotometer & double beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer, IR interpretation of different samples, qualitative examining of urine samples, SGOT determination in human serum by colorimeter, identification of lipids & proteins using various chromatographic techniques, conductometric & complexometric titrations, gravimetric analysis of various samples, acid-base titrations and standardization of EDTA etc.


Central instrumentation room consist of UV–Visible Spectrophotometer, auto–photo colorimeter, digital conductivity meter, digital melting point apparatus, digital potentiometer, digital turbidity meter, digital photofluorometer, digital flame photometer, digital pH meter, de–ionizer, suction pump, dhona balance and digital balance etc. These instruments are effectively used for analysis of drugs and their formulations.

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